New Bingo Schedule

We’re keeping it cool with our new daily bingo schedule in autumn at Dream Bingo. There’s a new line up of some of our best games and they’re going to be dishing out great guarantees daily!

New Bingo Games

£5,000 Multilevel Jackpot Play every day at 9pm in our Day Dreamer or Sunset Strip rooms for £5K with a 25p ticket. There are 6 levels of jackpots to win, and the jackpots grow bigger depending on which call number you win on!

Blackjack £21 Win a Full House on the #21 and win another £200 in CASH! Every Monday from 6PM. 10p a ticket.

Bingo Prize Night! We’ve got Tuesday’s locked down at 6:50pm with our prize night for a 20p ticket. Get your ticket each week to stand a chance to win one of your Dream prizes!

Mystery X Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Play our Mystery X game hourly from 6:50pm on Wednesdays and you could win a mystery match in BBz to your cash winnings!

£150 Pay Your Bills Every Friday at 8:30pm we guarantee £150 for just a 20p ticket!

£20 Happy Hour Did someone say Happy Hour? Get your 5p tickets ready for our Happy Hour game every Sunday and have a Sunday Sesh of winnings! Guaranteed £20, what have you got to lose?

Community Jackpot Sharing is caring and the Dream Team love a bit of community spirit. If you do too then get involved in our Community Jackpot game every day from 6:15pm. If you win the £200 JP, we’ll an equal share of the remaining £200 with everyone else in the game!

Cash Climber We now have more Cash Climber games each day from 6PM and bigger guarantees. Tickets are from 10p.

Grab a Grand are you the next winner? You can now play it 3 times each week to win it. Each Friday, Saturday & Sunday we will be guaranteeing each game at £500 and on top of that we will attach a £500 Fixed Jackpot to be won for just 20p a ticket.

How to use your Bingo Bonus*

It has never been easier to use your BBz at Dream Bingo. Start turning your bonus balance into cash today!
You can spend your BBz at any time in the Day Dreamer room or in the Sunset Strip. The early bird catches the worm here at Dream Bingo! You can buy -
• Up to 96 BBz tickets from midnight through to 9am.
• Up to 48 BBz tickets from 9am up until noon.
• Up to 24 BBz tickets from midday until midnight. 

The Dream Team love a freebie, and so should you. You’ll be on cloud nine when you land a win from your Bonus Balance!
Exceptions: The following games do not allow the use of bonus money; Progressive Games, Fixed Jackpot Games, Physical Prize Games, Guarantees of £500+, Community Games

Bingo Loyalty Games


Tuesdays are about to go bingo-crazy! We’ve dreamed up a very special offer, exclusive to our most loyal bingo players!

Based on your level of cash wagering on bingo during the week, we’ll treat you to 12 free tickets to one of our brand new!!! (Invite-only loyalty games)

• Wager £10 or more and you’ll be playing in the £50 Silver game, at 7.50pm,
• Wager £50 or more and you’ll be playing in the £100 Bronze game, at 10.50pm
• Wager £100 or more and you’ll be playing in the £250 Gold game, at 11.50pm
• Wager £150 or more and you’ll be playing in the £350 Platinum game, at 12.50pm

And because these are all Fair n Square games, all Roomies will have an equal chance of winning.

Tickets will be awarded each Tuesday, and can be claimed 6 hours before the game starts. Remember, this is a ticket-only game with no buy-in allowed, so get wagering now to secure your spot!